Printed in 499 individually numbered copies, the Limited Edition comes in two bamboo-board cover volumes, within a black natural bamboo slipcase.

Matthew Lamberth13/05/2023
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"I have read Mr. Houvenaghel's book cover-to-cover twice. I enjoy the book and I am glad he shared it with the Cigar world. I wish I could find other resources like his book to engage with all the different aspects of cigar culture and cigar community. As you are probably aware, it is difficult to find information on cigars and cigar culture that are as informative, authoritative, and well-executed as The Cigar, from Soil to Soul..."
Steven Wilson24/05/2023
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"So excited to receive my copy of these books and what a package so wonderfully put together so nice to just look at what a coffee table statement and what I've read so far is so good, many thank @cigarthinker for this. If you like cigars this is a must."
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A great work and great in-depth knowledge into tobacco and cigars. Love reading this...especially while smoking... You can also find the details to the book in the blog.
Michael Dooms14/08/2023
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After the inventory 📝📝📝, time to study using the ultimate reference 🎓🎓🎓📖📖📖
Marc Lansonneur 15/05/2023
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"I really enjoyed the book and learnt a lot about cigars, thanks to this insightful book."
Adrien Dalang11/05/2023
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"I LOOOOOVE the book, it’s so rich in knowledge !!!"
Wim Herbots17/05/2023
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"I do love the book soooooo much!"
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