Thanks to collective efforts, the book has perhaps become what I hope it is: a humbly and simply written, beautifully illustrated compendium of ideas and knowledge about cigars, their world, their qualities, and the pleasure of their tasting. Everything was intended to be researched and written following scientific methods but presented lightly so the book can be read with similar enjoyment to when an exceptional cigar is tasted.

When the strength of knowledge and the wisdom of experience enlighten one another mutually, the tasting will achieve an exquisite beauty.

Didier Houvenaghel


Didier HOUVENAGHEL studied sciences, both at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium (Engineer in Agronomy), and University of Pinar del Río, Cuba (Master’s degree in Tropical Cultures).

Didier wrote his first reference book on cigars, their history, production, quality, and tasting in French (Le Cigare: De la Culture à l’Art 2005, Editions du Gerfaut, 168 pages, Paris, France) and in English (The Cigar, From Soil to Soul 2008, Editions du Myosotis, 168 pages, Brussels, Belgium). The latter – dans un acte vain de pauvre chevalier errant – was never sold publicly.
Recognised in the cigar community as a genuine contributor to the culture of cigars, Didier wholeheartedly shares the culture and passion of cigars during cigar tastings, seminars and friendly talks. He likes to share knowledge from the soil to the soul, from the processes of the leaves (classifications, fermentations and ageing), to cigar blending, conservation and tasting.

Since 2001, Didier has also developed several small boutique cigar brands in Nicaragua. Today they are sold, with character and balance both in the cigars and the approach, on different continents around the world. He feels passionate about understanding the leaves and blending cigars and sharing this with fellow cigar lovers.

Not willing to adopt any commercial approach, rather, Didier differentiates himself with his genuine dedication to the cigar culture and community.

When he talks about cigars, Didier takes the exciting and interesting standpoint of technical expert, enthusiast, and humanist to depict the life of the cigar, from the first tabacco seed to the last puff of smoke. From the soil to the soul.

Aside from his dedication cigars, Didier tries his best to contribute to making the world a better place. He likes to think and write about the world and its challenges. And also to take action.

One of Didier’s mottos is ‘Life treasures what is done with it.’

And not only for the cigar world but for everything in life!

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