LIMITED-EDITION print run of 499 individually numbered copies with 11 artistic additional free drawings.
– A reference book on the culture and appreciation of cigars
– Limited-edition print run of 499 individually numbered copies
– Two volumes with bamboo-board hardcover
– Black, natural bamboo slipcase
– Unique 11 prints of the chapter’s opening drawings
– Around 318 pages in 11 chapters
– Around 100 colour hand-drawings and illustrations
– Set dimensions: approximately 2.34 kg and 201 W x 267L x 61H mm
– ISBN: 978-981-18-1326-9

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A handsome object, noble and harmonious with its discreetly suave colouring, the cigar appeals to the senses with restraint and elegance. But what, really, is it?
First of all, it is a product of the very ancient civilizations of South and Central America and the Caribbean, transmitted via Europe to the entire world.
Secondly, it is the result of a long and complex agricultural and hand-crafting process that requires knowledge and skill amounting to artistic creation from all those involved.
Lastly, it is a refined and serene pleasure, in which the mastery of the craftspeople is echoed in the emotions of connoisseurs devoting their capacity for artistic appreciation to the cigar.
Around these three themes, this book invites the reader to a subtle tasting and unlocks some of the cigar’s mysteries.
The author takes the standpoint of technical expert, enthusiast and humanist to depict the life of the cigar, from the first tobacco seed to the last moment of tasting.

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